Revery virtual dressing room

A Personalized Experience for your Shoppers

Mix & Match

Mix and match different styles and colors just as shoppers would do in physical dressing rooms! Here, shoppers spend 20+ minutes trying different combinations - 6 times longer than an ordinary website.

Skin Tones & Poses

Embrace diversity! Revery offers  models of different ethnic groups & different poses. Shoppers can easily find a model that matches themselves, making the experience as close to reality as possible.

Body Shapes

Enable customers to visualize clothing items based on their actual body shapes. We help your customers find garments that look perfect on themselves and meanwhile reduce your return rates.

Management Portal

Our clients are always in control.

Outfits Styling

An effortless way for stylists to choose the best-looking outfit for every product

Catalogue Management and Q&A

Easy access to your catalog and an easy way to decide which items to showcase

- All plans come with the Management Portal
Get Insights

User Data Analysis

We use machine learning to help you understand your shopper's personal preference to guide your recommendations and purchases.

Get Attention

Promotional Kit

Revery is with you every step of the way, helping your customers familiarise themselves with the Virtual Dressing Room. Get more adoption and more sales!