Adjustable Pricing

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Why Add a Virtual
Dressing Room ?

Users who use a virtual dressing room have high value.

High conversion 38% of the Try-on Actions lead to product click through and 21% of the product click through convert to a purchase within a month! Overall, the conversion rate for Virtual Try On Active User is 6 times higher than other users.

High Engagement the average session length is 19 minutes, i.e. 5 times longer than average users'.

Basic Integration Fee

Revery charges an integration fee for new customer to process catalogue and setup the service.

$500.00 + (Number of SKUs) x $0.10

Revery Trial Program

Revery is dedicated to support the growth of fashion retailers amid COVID.
We offer up to $5,000.00 credits or up to 2 months of pilot.
Note that integration fee is not covered by the credit of the trial.

Please contact us at to get your offer.

Subscription Plan FAQ

How many users would use the virtual dressing room feature?

This number is often between 5 - 20%. This number may vary depending on the user population, the visibility and promotion of the virtual dressing room feature, etc. Contact for marketing materials and consultancy.

What happens if MAU of my website go over my estimate?

We won't stop serving your users unless instructed to do so! We charge any additional users at a rate of $0.1 each, or we automatically upgrade your plan to the next tier, whichever costs less for your company.

Value-based Plan FAQ

Which sales are attributed to Revery?

A user gain interest to a product through Revery if the user had try-on, click through or add-to-cart the product at least once through Revery within the past 30 days before placing an order.

How does Revery track sales data?

You can choose to use a third party tracking system (e.g. Rakuten Advertising) or use our tracking code (requires sharing sales data with us for auditing).

If you have more than 200,000 MAU, we offer custom plan and pricing.
Please contact our sales at