Boost user-engagement & conversion rates with Revery AI

Allow shoppers to visualize any outfit on models instantly. Revery introduces the first scalable and easy-to-integrate virtual dressing room solution.

You might have heard of 20 other virtual try-on solutions

Why work with Revery?

Video Demonstration

An introduction to Revery’s virtual dressing room.

Product Features

Bring a live dressing room into your e-commerce experience

1. Mix & Match

Mix and match different styles and colors just as shoppers would do in physical dressing rooms! Here, shoppers spend 20+ minutes trying different combinations

2. Varying skin tones

Embrace diversity! Revery offers models of different ethnic groups & skin tones. Shoppers can easily find a model that matches themselves, making the experience as close to reality as possible.

3. Choose your model

Enable customers to visualize clothing items based on their personal preferences. We provides hundreds of pre-trained models for your customers to select from

Let’s re-define you e-commerce shopping experience

Before you leave, check out our live demo! It's very engaging!