Boost user-engagement & conversion rates
with Revery.AI  —

Allow your shoppers to visualize any outfit in a virtual dressing room.
Revery AI introduces the first scalable and easy-to integrate virtual try-on solution for apparels.

Why  Revery.AI?

High Quality Imagery

Photo-shoots appear natural and realistic.

Highly Scalable

AI pipelines process 10k+ images in an hour.

Real-Time Rendering

Generate high-quality images in a second.

Diversity & Inclusivity

Different skin tones, body shapes and poses

Cost Efficient

Reduced virtual dressing room cost by 50x

Integration in 3 simple steps

Step 1

Submit 1 ghost mannequin image per product.

Step 2

Your virtual dressing room service ready in 5 business days.

Step 3

Integrate our widget / API on to your website & mobile app.

Live Demo

Our Results

19 min

Long session Length

Shoppers spend an average of 19 minutes per session in the virtual dressing room.


Click Through Rate

Shoppers click into 41% of the products they tried in the virtual dressing room.


Conversion Rate

Shoppers who use Revery.AI are 7 times more likely to make the purchase.

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